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The ABEO® Shoe & Sandal Refresher with Silver Ion Technology is formulated to effectively clean and deodorize footbeds. Silver Ion Technology stops cell growth and multiplication of bacteria and fungi which can cause odor and itchiness. Naturally prevents bacteria and mold growth. Safe on suede, leather, nylon, and nubuck.

  • Please follow all directions carefully for best results.
  • Nano-Silver Ion technology has been proven to sterilize over 600 types of bacteria.
  • Nano-Silver Ion technology inhibits cell growth and multiplication of bacteria and fungi which cause odor and itchiness.
  • Benefits of Nano-Silver Ion technology are: Safe, Effective, Acts Quickly, Non Poisonous, Hypo-allergenic.
  • Directions: FLIP FLOPS, SYNTHETICS, AND LEATHER FOOTBEDS - Spray entire footbed. Wipe away moisture and dirt with a cloth. Wait until completely dry before wearing. SUEDE AND NUBUCK FOOTBEDS - Spray the entire footbed. Wipe away excess moisture and dirt. Allow to dry completely. Back brush with a nylon bristle brush to raise the nap or texture.

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